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Making Peace

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Everything you see without is healed within.

What is going on our world? What are we doing? And more importantly, what can we do?

First we must identify the problem. So let’s take a look at the symptoms. On a global level symptoms include racism, Corona virus, economic disparity, famine, global warming, genocide, and war just to name a few. Individual symptoms include, but are not limited to, regular experiences of negativity, complaining, judgement, conflict, disease, anxiety, and depression.

Our m.o. has been to identify each symptom and alleviate it. This fails to ever get to the true cause of the problems and creates a myriad of side effects. We have been playing this whack-a-mole game for millennia but that is not going to fly any longer. The problem, left unidentified, and smoldering has yet again reached fever pitch. Symptom relief will never produce a cure, it will just mask the problem until it erupts some where else. So what is 'the problem'?


Being identified with our thoughts is our one and only affliction. It is responsible for all the aggression and dis-ease in the world, and has made humans as a species quite sick and violent. Violence, such as we have seen recently, can only come out of deep unconsciousness, of thinking we are something other than we are. We have all become unconscious to our true nature and this separation from ourselves has wrought havoc on our relationships with one another and our planet as a whole. We are all children of God and if we knew this we would have peace.

So what can we do to make peace? Stop blaming others for the state of our world. Stop being confused by Trump and shocked and appalled at violence. Stop taking sides. We are a collective and our outer world is an expression of our inner world. Everything we see outside is there to point us inside. Without changing our inner world nothing outside will change except for the worse.

Negativity pollutes our world. It is an energy so contagious and toxic that it is literally killing us. In our personal lives negativity presents as blame, complaining, criticizing, arguing, attack, defense, resentment, needing to be right, irritation, anger, judging, comparing, self righteousness, hate, and the desire for revenge, retribution and punishment (which we call justice).

We are all too familiar with the symptoms of our inner inattentiveness. We can no longer delude ourselves that masking our symptoms and blaming others for the way we feel is the way to heal what ails us. We are now simultaneously quarantined and curfewed. We are supposed to be staying home and social distancing and we have rioting in the streets. Nothing makes sense, everything is out of control and we are exhausted.

We need real change and we need it now. It will not come from our institutions - political, religious, educational, economic or otherwise. We can stop waiting for that. True change can only come from the inside out. It requires quite simply that each one of us go within, take control of our minds and refuse to tolerate negativity in any form. This is our path to lasting peace.

For now, here is what I am doing to heal and deal with current state of our world.

  1. Trump bashing is off the table. Stop forming opinions about what you see and hear. These opinions fuel negativity and negativity is more contagious than Corona Virus, which we all know.

  2. Know that under the exact same circumstance no matter what, we all would do the exact same thing. No one here is better or worse than anyone else. We are all equal in the eyes of God.

  3. Everyone in our lives is playing the role we are asking them to play and only we can set them free. When we understand this we will no longer need others to act out our own inner violence.

Your mind should reject what I am saying. It does not want to heal itself let alone the world and it feeds off of drama and conflict. Eckhart Tolle says the mind is like a detective searching for an arsonist when the detective himself is the one setting the fires. The mind creates problems, we identify with those problems making them ours, and then we use the mind to solve the very problems it created. This is insane. The real culprit here is not the problem the mind has identified but the mind itself. Without understanding the mechanics of the mind the tail will continue to wag the dog, we will remain victims to our thoughts, violence will escalate and change will be impossible.

If you are up for the challenge and eager for change, start at home. Look at your relationships. Who are you blaming, making wrong, angry at? Where are you irritated? (Did you know that irritation is thinly veiled rage)? Who is your scape goat? Trump? Where are you a victim? Where are you in irresolvable conflict? What are your reactions to this blog?

If we can’t fix this in our own homes and find peace, we have no chance of fixing it on a larger scale.

COVID and now the new expressions of violence are showing us not who we truly are but who we believe ourselves to be and we are not liking what we see in the mirror. But we can fix this. We can rise above the battlefield and return to our true divine nature and we can do it together. Let’s at least give it a try.

I wish you all well and as always am sending you peace,

xoxo Jill