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Fear: A Game of Hot and Cold

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Life is really a game of emotional HOT and COLD. The target we are striving for is our TRUE SELF and our emotions are the guides we use to get us there. The rules are simple. When we experience negative emotions we see it as an indication that we are COLD, meaning that we moving away from our True Self. Fear and depression are red flags that we are COLD and we will feel the strain until we correct our mental course. Positive emotions, on the other hand, are an indication that we are HOT, blissfully vibing in sync with out True nature. Emotions such as joy and peace let us know that we are on the right track and life is good.

But why do we need to play this game? Because in this world we are taught that we come in blank, in need of endless learning in order to 'make something of ourselves'. From a very early age we allow others to shape us - from parents, to teachers, to employers, to therapists - believing they know better than we do and some of us never stop. From our life experiences we piece together a sense of self that is tenuous and pretty hard to maintain.

In contrast, who we truly are never changes. God created us in his image as whole, perfect and complete, but few of us have access to our BEING having covered over it since birth.  

In times of so much contradictory information, it makes us long for the simple God-given truth and we can use our emotions to lead the way. Before reading ahead it may be fruitful to get out your journal and ask yourself the following questions: What do I think emotions are? What are they for?

We don’t think about emotions much, we just have them, deal with them, and sometimes medicate them. But here is something that is very helpful to know...

Emotions have no other purpose than to serve as an indicator of who you believe yourself to be in any given moment. 

In and of themselves they mean nothing. We do not need to spend time exploring them. Emotions are a signal of SELF. The misunderstanding of their purpose has led us to search for the cause of our upset outside of ourselves. If, for example, I feel afraid while flying in a plane, my brain makes the erroneous association that fear is caused by flying. The brain then offers the solution: Don’t fly. Rather than actually solving our emotional problems, the brains’s misuse of emotions has the net effect of making us fearful of our environment, and living almost permanently in the COLD zone. To be clear, we are experiencing fear, yes, but we are not afraid of flying, or anything else…

In reality we are not afraid of anything. 

Fear is a signal that we have deviated from the truth about who we are. That is all. It wakes us up to the fact that we have denied the eternal Self as God created us - the real “I”, and instead have accepted a false self in its place. But all is not lost. Blessedly, God equipped us all with an inner homing beacon that will never stop calling us home to the knowledge of our true divine nature. All emotions are simply part of that guidance system, ever present, keeping us on track. 

The variance between who we truly are and who we ‘think’ we are is the level of fear we feel in any given moment.

Bringing this new understanding to the present situation is life altering. It helps us see that we are not afraid of COVID -19, we are not afraid of illness, we are not afraid of death. We have simply gone from cold, to colder, to FROZEN. 

1) The first thing to do is to stop looking for ‘objects’ of your fear- not in the news, not in your neighbor, not in your body. The brain will never cease to find new things and you will stay in the FROZEN zone. 

2) Secondly, get real with your fear. Acknowledge it for what it really is.See it as an indication that you are mistakenly seeing yourself as society would have you see yourself, rather than as God sees you. With radical honesty tune into the low vibrational thought patterns that keep fear and insecurity alive. The ones that have you seeing yourself as a weak, a vulnerable body, not in control, as a victim to outer circumstances, afraid you can be harmed, and in need of rescue by someone more powerful than yourself. Pull our your journal and open up to the internal dialog. Once you have got it all out, ask yourself who you be without these false ideas? 

3) Don’t worry that you don’t know who you are truly are right now.That is what the homing beacon is for. Follow your emotions through HOT and COLD and you will be led there. For now just know that fear is not external and this outdated, indoctrinated thought system is light years away from truth.

4) The GPS is spot on and it will immediately tell you which thoughts are true and which are falseif you are open to listening. I like to use my GPS to ‘pre-screen’ my thoughts. If the thought produces a negative emotion or a negative feeling in my body, I know it is not true and I throw it out. I only keep the thoughts that keep me in the HOT zone.


I am a child of God - that one feels pretty great. It’s a keeper. This is true.

I am in danger - that one feels pretty shitty. This is not true.

It may be difficult for you to get comfortable with your GPS and this new understanding of emotions but the more you use it the more you will trust it and there is no time like the present.  If you need support, I am offering 30 minute sessions free of charge during our home-stay. While we all want to be givers of support at this time, I invite you to open up to receiving some as well. 

Peace and well-being to all,

xoxo Jill