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Grievance Blocks Miracles

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

It has been a long, wonderful day and, frankly, I am bushed but I want to get this blog out. What it may lack in eloquence it will make up for in impact so don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

Grievance blocks miracles is pretty straight forward. I use this lesson every day. It is powerful and literally life changing. In truth, we have actually all experienced this one in action many times. Something seemingly ‘bad’ happens i.e. we lose our job, get divorced, or become ill and it turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

Despite repeated positive outcomes to ‘negative’ experiences, the brain is not stringing the pattern together. Why is for another blog, but the failure of the brain to recognize the upside has led to immense suffering individually and collectively. We continue to catalog ‘bad’ things as unwanted and/or unfair and we resist them. It continues to take us a long time, going through a lot of pain to realize the silver lining. This can and has to change. Buddhism describes that the difference between the student and the master is that the student is slow to see the blessing, while the master knows in the moment and immediately says thank you.

What if we could become masters with this one?

When things do not work out as we intend, plan or predict we go into grievance. This is our programming. Our expectations create grievances and block the miracles that are inherent in every moment. If we stay in grievance, the program will continue and morph into a need to fix, avenge, blame, defend, justify or self abase. Sometimes all of the above. Miracles missed.

Einstein noted that there are two ways to look at the world, either everything is a miracle or nothing is. There are no shades of gray here. Miracles are indeed the norm. Coincidences do not exist. Believing in coincidence is denying the divine orchestration. This divine orchestration is aware of the interwoven fabric of all life, the whole, which we are not privy to. The brain can only see parts and the it fills in the gaps and calls it fact. This makes our intel spotty at best. When we give over our orchestration to divine orchestration, our will to thy will, everything works out for the goodness of all. God does not sacrifice one of his sons for the benefit of another. All benefit, always.

When we are beset by grievance, it can be hard to open up to the miracle. But we must if we are to heal. In reality, nothing is wrong. It never was. Nothing needs to be different than it is. Nothing needs to be fixed except our perspective. We can be in grievance or move into the miraculous , this is always the choice we are making.

When we stay in grievance we are blind to the miracle, that does not mean it is not there. Our brain is simply not looking for it.

Whenever things don’t work out our way it is because God has something better planned. Rather than stay in grievance and resist what is here for us - we need only open to open up to seeing it, to see it.

This is not the brain’s norm and it will feel wrong when you first start doing this training but very quickly you will start to see something different. And the best part is, you will see how very little you need to do to auto-correct the situation at hand.

Brain training lesson 9: Good-bye Grievance

See where you are still holding grievances, grudging, and regrets. These are places that miracles are waiting for you.

  • In each instance note what good has come out of the situation.

  • Get honest with yourself about how this has answered some of your prayers.

  • Each time you lapse into grievance remind yourself: Grievance blocks miracles and I am open to miracles today, for the benefit of all.

This is so simple and so profound. As always, let me know what comes up for you.

Peace and miracles,

xoxo Jill