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Jump For Joy

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

We are pure joy, timeless and eternal.

The word chronic makes everything sound awful. While joy is in truth, eternal, we believe it is fleeting. As such we spend our lives chasing it, only to have it slip through our fingers. Sadly, we believe in chronic illness, pain, anxiety and depression but we do not believe in chronic joy.

We argue that we have proof of chronic ailments, yet we have no proof of chronic joy. Why? Because we don’t have that brain program.

The brain has no time for joy. It is busy doing the job we have programmed it to do - avoiding fear, scouring for danger, chasing happiness and endlessly strategizing what’s next. It has not been programmed to rest, enjoy and relax because in our society we have not been taught how to do that. While we say we want and value these things, what we do is proof otherwise. As a result, chronic joy just simply does not compute.

Understanding the role of the brain and its programming is critical. Only then can we make changes. Anxiety is a program, depression is a program. Pain is a monster of a program. While we over identify with all of these experiences, these things are not who we are. They are dispassionate, learned programs that we cue up incessantly. Anything we think repeatedly is a program. Why this has occurred is irrelevant. What is important to know is that we actually control our brain. If we don’t like the program, we can dump it.

In truth, our fund of joy is infinite. Joy is actually our factory setting, it is who we are, the default we came here with. All the other crap is a learned overlay - more like downgrades than upgrades from years of socialization, schooling, parenting, religion and the like. Accessing the infinite joy that we are requires us to become vigilant in catching our fear based brain programs. For those of you reading regularly, you are probably starting to get the hang of this process.

Still on the fence? What do you have to lose? Actually a lot - a lot of pain, fear, anger, shame, blame, judgement, illness, regret, doubt, conflict and the list goes on. What do you have to gain? Peace, love, ease, healing, freedom and unfettered access to pure unadulterated joy.

For Fear: Jump for Joy

Jumping for joy is playful, believing in fear is painful. In every moment we are choosing either joy or fear programming. Getting joy on autopilot requires that we give our thoughts some thought.

Visual exercises are ideal for redirecting your program and jumpstarting joy. Have fun with this one!!!

1. Picture two separate inflatable rafts. One is fear the other joy. Fear is deflating and sinking and taking on water. Joy is your vision of a heavenly raft.

2. You're on fear and to save yourself you must jump for the joy raft. But you can’t jump alone. You have to take someone from the fear raft, hold them by the hand and jump with them. 

3. When you have a conflict with someone, or you worry for someone, or someone is sick, or you just generally have fear, anger, blame doubt, regret, etc.. associated with someone - grab their hand on this sinking fear raft and jump for joy. 

4. When you have jumped with those that immediately surround you - pan out to include anyone with whom you may have a grievance either directly or indirectly. Leave no one out. I have jumped with ISIS, Hitler and cancer and a whole host of others. 

5. This is a playful visualization exercise. It is great for kids if they are afraid of something or someone. 

6. As you start jumping for joy- feel the changes that start to occur. Are you calmer? More clear? Less judgmental. Do you feel like skipping? Are you smiling more? 

Let me know the subtle changes that you are noticing in your life as you start streamlining your program for chronic joy.

This is joy to the world….

xoxo Jill

*Typos happen but only ego judges :-)